MA 42 (MAICO) Audiometer

Two-Channel Diagnostic Audiometer

Ergonomic design combined with portability and a variety of diagnostic test features — the MA 42 is ideal for Audiologists, ENTs as well as hearing aid suppliers in or out of the clinic. Perform air conduction tests with headphones or optional insert phones as well as through optional free-field loudspeakers. A high performance bone conductor supplied for BC measurements. The stimulus options of the MAICO MA 42 include pure tone and warble (continuous or pulsed), masking can be performed with narrow band, speech and white noise. Use internal wave files, the input ports for speech from external audio devices or conduct live speech audiometry.

Set the MA 42 audiometer to fit your needs: customize the user settings to meet your individual preferences and enjoy quick, easy transitions while testing with the user-friendly button placement. The full color display supports smart icon navigation to ensure easy operation and easy differentiation between the right and left ear and provides a clear overview of test results. After the measurement save test reports as PDF on a USB stick, quickly trasnfer the data to the MAICO Sessions PC software or print the results directly on a portable 3

Features at a glance:

  • Air, bone and speech 2 channel audiometer with advanced diagnostic test functions
  • Mixing signals and channels independently
  • Connection of one or two AC transducers, BC and free-field testing
  • Optional high frequency audiometry up to 16,000 Hz
  • Full colorful display with simple screen design
  • Small footprint for ease of portability
  • Easy access to talk forward, talk back and monitor functions
  • License management center for easy upgrades
  • Direct printout of the results, store report as PDF or quickly transfer to MAICO Sessions PC softwar
  • Optional MAICO Sessions PC Software connectable with OtoAccess® or Noah patient database for easy d