Versatile Clinical EP/OAE

The new GSI Audera Proâ„¢ EP/OAE system is a compact yet versatile device, capable of performing all standard evoked potential tests. Depending on the modality license, ASSR (auditory steady state responses) and OAE (otoacoustic emissions) can also be completed. The Audera Pro is the next generation to the well-known GSI Auderaâ„¢ and comes with significant updates to support the demands of any busy practice. Some of the featured new tests include: P300/MMN, ASSR Binaural testing, TEOAE, and Speech Stimuli for ABR. The hardware has been updated to provide a smaller footprint, an integrated pre-amplifier, lightweight cables, and the GSI OAE probe.

The system also has modern waveform analysis tools such as Area Ratio for ECochG, application of digital filters, the ability to split alternating waveform into rarefaction and condensation components, cross correlation of waveforms, and automatic SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and RN (Residual Noise) calculation. The Audera Pro is the perfect choice for clinics to comprehensively evaluate, identify, document, and diagnose auditory and vestibular disorders on all patient populations.

Features at a glance:

  • Quickly obtain an objective estimate of the similarity of two waveforms.
  • The system includes a comprehensive battery of evoked potentials test types.
  • Collect a waveform using alternating polarity and split into rarefaction and condensation waveforms.