EasyScreen BERAphone (MAICO) BERA/ABR

OAE + ABR combo-screener with our unique BERAphone®

Our easyScreen unites ABR, TEOAE and DPOAE screening capabilities in one device to meet your need for a cost efficient 2-step ABR/OAE Hearing Screener. The easyScreen BERAphone® features integrated electrodes and transducer, allowing you to perform Auditory Brainstem Response screenings without the expense and waste of disposables.

The integrated CE-Chirp® stimulus and response detection algorithm generate reliable results within seconds. All parts and accessories of your easyScreen BERAphone® fit neatly onto our optional cart, where they are always at your fingertips.

Features at a glance:

  • Unique BERAphone® with integrated electrodes
  • Patented ABR detection algorithm for testing within seconds
  • On-screen guidance; i.e. reconnect electrodes
  • Round ear cushion for larger heads (optional)
  • Truly intuitive user interface
  • Large color touchscreen for comfortable navigation
  • Very short boot-up time and long battery life
  • Cradle for wireless charging
  • Optional HearSIMâ„¢ patient database and device manager
  • Optional easyCart for an organized mobile workplace