The Smart Way to do Newborn Hearing Screening

The MB 11 BERAphone® stands for innovation in Newborn Hearing Screening — the unique, patented Auditory Brainstem Response system offers a fast automated ABR hearing test for newborns without the use of adhesive disposables.

To grant babies the comfort of disposable-free ABR screening, our BERAphone® comes with integrated electrodes and a speaker with ear cushion in a single unit. If the BERAphone® detects and verifies a response at 35 dB nHL, the test result is PASS.

Features at a glance:

  • Fast and automated ABR screening with reliable results in seconds
  • Unique BERAphone® with integrated electrodes saves costs for disposables
  • Automatic impedance check indicates test conditions
  • CE-Chirp® Stimulus
  • Stimulus level of 35 dB nHL