MAXI 350 (MAICO) Software_More

Compact and Free of Noise

The audiometric booth Maxi 350 offers a bigger sized cabin than the Mini 250 but stays compact enough to fit into many places. The Maxi 350 is ideal for the use at healthcare departments and for the annual employee evaluation testing at companies. The door of this audiometric screening booth comes with a magnetic sealing to achieve a very good noise attenuation. Use this cabin to perform speech audiometry as well as air and bone conduction audiometry.

The Maxi 350 consists of a solid steel construction with 64 mm strong elements. The inside and outside walls are lacquered in refreshing white and the floor is equipped with an antistatic carpet. The installed sound insulating airing system takes care of ensuring a good climate in the cabin. The control switches for airing and light are found directly in the chamber. Connect the hearing test chamber directly to the power supply and use the large window to observe the patients while testing. The Maxi 350 will come to you as a “kit” for self-installation.

Features at a glance:

  • Sound attenuation up to 52 dB
  • For audiometry with air and bone conduction, speech and all tests
  • Sound attenuated airing system for a good climate
  • Safety door with magnetic sealing
  • Large observation window of multilayer safety glass